the good lunch in Assisi

the good lunch in Assisi

[ Aug.2019 ] There seems a lot more to see than the famous Basilica of San Francesco in Assisi in Italy, but after spending long time looking at things in the basilica, we were very hungry, so we started looking for a restaurant.

Italy-Umbria-Assisi-restaurant-Osteria da Santu Mangione-sign
the sign of the restaurant

My husband found a good one on the internet, so we started walking towards it, but after a while, we realised that it was quite far.

We felt at a loss for a moment, but when we looked at the side of the street, there was a good looking sign of a restaurant.

It was Osteria da Santu Mangione, located below the main street so we walked down the staircase.

Fortunately, maybe because it was after the peak lunch time, we could get a table without booking.

Here I had a dish of guinea fowl with the unusual grape sauce, which was excellent.

Italy-Umbria-Assisi-restaurant-Osteria da Santu Mangione-guinea fowl
very nice guinea fowl I had

My husband had a pasta with boar meat and truffle, and our friend had a simple pork dish.

As for the wine, my husband asked for something smooth and firm, then the waiter served a bottle of Montefalco Sagrantino, which is the local wine here in Umbria.

This waiter, who could have been the owner of the restaurant, told us that this wine was made from four kinds of grapes and they produced only 40000 bottles a year.

It contained as much as 15.5% alcohol and the taste was rich which we liked.

My husband and I had the dessert, too and the bill was a bit more than €70, which was very reasonable.

Italy-Umbria-Assisi-restaurant-Osteria da Santu Mangione-dessert wine-biscotti
dessert wine and biscotti

After enjoying the lunch, we went back to the square where the bus stop was, looking at many souvenir shops on the way.

One of the souvenirs caught our eyes.

It was a mug in the shape of a monk.

He is plump and looking sideways, which was really cute.

Our friend wanted a particular one in a glass case, but the man who was tending the shop said “Because my wife went on holiday with the key of the case, I cannot open it”.

He sounded too pathetic for us to get irritated.

a very cute monk

Another thing we did here in Assisi was writing postcards, because our friend promised with her niece in Japan that she would send a postcard to her from Italy.

I have not done this for ages since we can send photos straight away to anyone in the world electronically.

But it is a nice thing to do sometimes.

We bought the stamps at one shop along the main street and post them to the box which this shop had.

But after 10 days, none of them received it.

We were angry, saying that it is horrible to cheat people in the holy Assisi and gave them up.

However after more than one and a half months, everyone received our postcards!

I wonder if they sent them by sea mail in 2019?