Nizza Monferrato

Nizza Monferrato

[ Oct.2015 ] On the day we went to Piedmont with my Japanese friend, after eating a great lunch, we moved on to Nizza Monferrato.

She read a novel recently that was set in this town, so she wanted to visit here.

I often decide our destination because of books I read, too, so I understand her very well.

The old town of Nizza Monferrato was very small with just one main street.

The portico in the photo was characteristic of the town and there were some old fashioned shops there.

We went to one of those shops that sold cakes and bought some of the Amaretto.

Amaretto snacks are usually dry and crisp, but the ones here are a bit more glutinous.

They are very sweet and rich, so I cannot eat many at a time, but I liked it.