Unspoiled Alicudi

Unspoiled Alicudi

[june 2012] I had an another boat trip to visit Alicudi, one of the Eolian Islands off Sicily.

When we arrived there, it was just a lunch time, so I went straight to one canteen.

The man there hurried to come out and said ' I did not know that the boat would come today…”.

As for the menu, he said, ' the primo is spaghetti with shrimps and courgettes, and the secondo is shrimps and courgettes'.

Well he only had shrimps and courgettes…

It was good though, very homely cooking.

I learned afterwards that this island is famous destination for diving, but they try not to develop there with hotels or restaurants.

The road systems are not enough and they still use mules for transport.

It would be an ideal place for meditation.