seeking Porceddu

seeking Porceddu

[ Aug.2020 ] There are many kinds of great seafood in Sardinia in Italy, but also they have unique meat dishes.

The most famous one is Porceddu which is a whole roasted suckling piglet.

I got to know it and loved it when I visited Sardinia for the first time 10 years ago.

the lovely sign of Barbagia

But we did not see it in Alghero, the town we stayed this time in Sardinia, so one time we asked about it to a taxi driver.

Then she recommended an agriturismo (an accommodation in the countryside often with a good restaurant) called Barbagia, away from the town centre and near the Alghero Airport.

So we booked a table here for lunch on the day when we had the first cloudy sky since we came here, after the heavy rain during the night.

When my husband phoned them for booking and said ‘a table for two’, the person on the phone apparently made a surprised voice in spite of himself.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-agriturismo-Barbagia-table-chairs-painted wall
the large table for Italian families

When we arrived the restaurant, we understood why.

This was the typical Italian restaurant where a few families got together to have a meal.

The couples were only us and one another.

All the tables were on the airy terrace.

There was only one menu here and everyone ate the same thing.

First, the 5 kinds of starter ; thinly sliced zucchini and sheep cheese with the delicious zucchini sauce, thickly cut spicy aubergine,  fatty ham + salami, bean salad and dry cheese + salty cream cheese.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-agriturismo-Barbagia-spicy aubergine-starter
the spicy aubergine, one of the starters

I was already getting full.

As for the wine, they served only house red or house white, but we could have it as much as we wanted.

Next, the 2 kinds of primo (pasta): ravioli with the ricotta cheese + strong taste mint, and flat pasta with Ragu sauce.

They served everything slowly, so we could eat slowly, too, meaning that we could eat everything, though I had thought it would be too much.

After primo, they served raw vegetables for the side dish as the refresher.

the tasty ravioli

Then they served the secondo (main) which were the stewed veal and the Porceddu I was waiting for.

The stew was quite mild taste, but the Porceddu was strong and wild.

I liked it, but my husband was not keen.

We wanted to see how they cooked the piglet, so went to the kitchen but we were too late and it was already all done.

Never mind…

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-agriturismo-Barbagia-veal stew
the veal stew

My husband listened to our neighbours’ conversation with the waitress and found that she studied and qualified to work professionally in the hospitality industry and during winter, the low season in Sardinia she goes to Switzerland to work there.

This kind of professional waitresses or waiters are very rare in Britain where we live.

The dessert they served were fruits (melons and grapes) and local nutty cakes.

And then coffee and Mirto (typical Sardinian digestif) were followed.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-agriturismo-Barbagia-white snail
the white snail

Altogether it was €70 for two, extraordinarily cheap.

I had known that it cost €35 each, but expected some service charge or something would be added.

Because this place was far from the centre of Alghero town, we used taxis on the way to and back.

After the meal while we were waiting for the taxi, we walked around the garden and the surrounding area and found many snails.

There were many white snails there.

sunset on the day

We did not do anything else on the day because we were too full.

It goes without saying that our weight jumped up.

The sunset we saw from the window of our home (Airbnb) was fantastic.

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