At the end of the journey, we had cod (Veneto - Italy)

At the end of the journey, we had cod

[ Jun.2016 ] In Vicenza in Veneto, north Italy, we went to a cod specialised restaurant called Il Bistrot del Bacala. Bacala is the dried cod and the cod dishes are special here in Veneto. The ground floor of this place was the delicatessen and the restaurant was located in the underground wine cellar. As you can see in the photo, the cellar is long and in the middle there was a long table. People sat around it, so we all share the table. I chose their cod tasting course. The starter was made of three kind of cod dishes, a sort of fried cod balls, the cod salad and something creamy. The main dish was the cod cooked in milk and Polenta. At least the dessert was not cod, but a few kinds of biscuits and cakes. I was not particularly a cod fan, but the dishes here were all good. As for the drink, we had glasses of Prosecco through the meal, and at the end we had a glass of cocktail, mixture of Grappa and some herbal drink. This was nice, but fairly strong, so we went out of the restaurant slightly drunk.

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