Central Station of Milan

Central Station of Milan

[ Oct.2015 ] We used to live in Milan for nearly half of the year and the Central Station was simply our commuting station.

However, this time when we took our family there to show them around, I was newly impressed by its size.

The facade  is 200 metres wide and 72 metres high, which was the largest facade to date in 1931, when it opened.

The original design was decided in 1912, but during WW1, the construction slowed down and Mussolini, who gained power after the war, added some elements to show off the power of fascism.

Currently, it is one of the main stations in Europe, which as many as 330,000 people use every day.

By the way, in the premises of the station, there is my favourite accessories shop.

It is a gemstones wonderland as the name of the shop, “Le Pietre delle Meraviglie”, suggests.

The jewellery is classified by its type, like a museum, so we can learn about stones there, too.

In fact, some of the exhibits are not for sale.

When you ask something a little bit complicated, the ordinary staff members would go away to fetch the Maestro and the elderly maestro would turn up and help you.

Apparently, they have been trading in the central station for 27 years.

We took our family there and they were very happy.

So much so that we nearly forgot to visit other places and spent quite a long time there.

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