Ms. Galla Placidia

Ms. Galla Placidia

[ Feb.2015 ] The second place we went during our mosaic tour in Ravenna in Italy was Mausoleum of Galla Pracidia.

This is situated in the same site as the Basilica of San Vitale which we visited first and all visitors will visit these buildings in this order, but in fact the mausoreum is older.

It was built in the early 5th century and its mosaic is apparently the classic of Early Christian art.

When we entered, first thing we saw was the arch with the flower pattern against the navy background.

These flowers are said to be marguerite.

The scarves with this pattern were sold in souvenir shops in the town.

So who was Galla Pracidia? She was a daughter of the Roman Emperor, Theodosius 1.

When Visigoth invaded Italy, she became a prisoner and against her will, she was made to get married and remarried.

But in the end, her son, Valentinianus 3 became the emperor of the Western Roman Empire and she was acrive as his guardian.

During that time, Ravenna was flourished peacefully for 25 years.

She died in 450 in Rome and it is not clear if she was buried in this mausoleum or not.