Queue to eat big bowl of seafood

Queue to eat big bowl of seafood


2012] The small restaurants in Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo opens at around 4 am and closes at 1 pm.

It must have been only for the workers of the market, but now they are for everyone.

A few years ago, I queued for one sushi restaurant to have a breakfast.

This time I queued for big seafood bowl at Ooedo restaurant.

We had to wait more than half an hour.

The actual restaurant consists of just one counter.

It is very small and it gets full with about 15 people or less.

One finishes and goes out, then another can come in and eat, like a conveyer belt.

It is not at all relaxing.

But still, the queue is always very long, because the fresh seafood there is so good.

This time I had to take a seat far from my friends, and had to concentrate on eating without chatting, but I would like to come back there to taste it again.