Our main purpose, Oban

Our main purpose, Oban

[Oct. 2023] On this tour to the Scottish Highlands, our main purpose was to visit the port town of Oban.

This place is said to be the “Seafood Capital of Scotland.”

the town of Oban, Scotland
lively Oban with many tourists

When we came here 13 years ago, we both remember that the seafood was delicious.

However, this time we had to eat within an hour and a half of free time, so we were in a hurry.

I had a vague memory of a good restaurant on the left facing the sea, so we headed straight there.

Oban was hot and sunny on this Sunday, and it’s full of tourists.

As we walked, dodging them to avoid bumping into them, we found a restaurant called “Fish House” on the floor above a pub and cafe.

We did not have time to hesitate, so we went in this restaurant.

tables at Fish House, a restaurant in Oban, Scotland
apart from the window tables, it was quite empty

The tables by the window with a nice view were occupied, but there were plenty of empty tables inside and we were able to find a table easily.

There was a menu of two courses for £21, so we both decided to go for it.

I chose mussels for my starter and sea bream for my main.

Mussels were delicious and went well with butter cream sauce.

The sea bream was just good.

My husband went pure British style with a starter of prawn cocktail and a main of fish and chips.

mussels at Fish House, a restaurant in Oban, Scotland
delicious mussels

He was satisfied with the fish and chips here, too.

We informed the waiter that we were in a hurry, so our main dishes were brought before the starters were finished, but overall it wasn’t bad.

With a glass of wine and coffee, the total bill was about £70.

After eating, we only had time to hurry to buy some souvenirs, but there were nostalgic views of the port and the folly on the hill that we climbed last time.

view seen from the port of Oban, Scotland
many ferries to the islands depart from Oban

Ferries depart from Oban to surrounding islands, and ferries from the Isle of Barra, which was the main purpose of our trip to Scotland, also arrive here.

I would love to come back and spend a few days here again someday.

Before coming to Oban, the tour stopped at St. Conan’s Church, an 18th century church that pretends to be older.

At this point, our guide Al talked about the complicated history of Scotland, but to be honest, I couldn’t keep up.

the statue of Robert the Bruce in St. Conan's Church
beautiful statue of Robert the Bruce

This church was home to the chapel of Robert the Bruce, a Scottish hero from the early 14th century.

The actual body of him is buried in the church in Dunfermline where we went a few years ago.

We were told that St. Conan’s Church still functions as a parish church.