Climbed up the Calton Hill

Climbed up the Calton Hill
the view on the way up to the top of Calton Hill
lovely view of the city with the wild flowers

[June 2021] Our stay in Edinburgh is a ‘workation’ to enjoy holidays while working from home, so on the third day, during the day we worked hard, and after work we went up to Calton Hill.

Calton Hill is a 100-meter-high hill located on the east side of Princes Street, which runs through the new town of Edinburgh from east to west, and is said to be included in Edinburgh’s UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Airbnb we are renting this time is located just behind this hill, so it is an easy destination for us.

the Gorse on Calton Hill
the yellow of the Gorse added the colour on the hill

However, we went up from the back of the hill and followed the locals on the way, we ended up with a steep path in the nature, which was tough to go for me.

But thanks to that, I could see a beautiful view of the collaboration between the wild flowers on the hill and the scenery of the town.

The scenery of the hill itself where the Gorse was blooming was also picturesque.

At the top of this hill, there is the Greek Parthenon.

This Parthenon lookalike is called National Monument.

the National Monument on top of the Calton Hill
the magnificent National Monument

It was started building in 1823 as a monument to the soldiers who died in the Napoleonic Wars but was suspended in 1829 due to lack of funds.

And they never completed it and it is still showing its appearance as it is.

How would have been if there were enough funds?

Parthenon does not match Edinburgh, so I am glad that they did not finish it.

Apparently they call it Edinburgh’s Folly, which reminded me of another folly in Scotland in the highland town of Oban.

Nelson Monument on Calton Hill
Nelson Monument built in the early 19th century

Calton Hill also has the Nelson Monument to commemorate Horatio Nelson, who won the Battle of Trafalgar.

You can climb up this monument, but it was closed maybe because it was late on this day or because of Covid-19 situation.

The view from the observatory above, which is over 30 meters high, is said to be superb, but well, we could enjoy the beautiful view even though we didn’t go up here.

Princes Street seen from the Calton Hill
Princes Street in the new town

We overlooked the tightly condensed Princes Street, the residence of the King of Scotland, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, where Queen Elizabeth sometimes stays, and the wild hills of Arthur’s Seat.

And you can see how the town of Edinburgh itself is packed with heavy dark-coloured buildings.

Even though it is in the same country, it is completely different from what it looks like in London.

Well, thinking about it, historically it was a different country, and given the current state of independence movement, it may become another country in the future.

When we were walking along the narrow promenade in search of a view, there was an off-limits barrier, and on the other side, rough young people were hanging out.

the view of Edinburgh from Calton Hill
Edinburgh packed with the heavy looking buildings

We felt a little dangerous, so went back.

It reminded me of the crime drama “Rebus” set in Edinburgh.

The last time we climbed this hill (11 years ago!), we had seen a beautiful sunset, but today the sun was still high and windy and cold, so we gave up and came down.