Probably this was the best

Probably this was the best

[Aug. 2023] On this day during our summer holiday in Nafplio on the Peloponnese Peninsula in Greece, my husband was actually in charge of cooking.

However, this was Sunday, and all the shops, including the supermarket, were closed, so we couldn’t buy any food.

outside tables of Pidalio, a restaurant in Nafplio, Greece
some were eating outside at Pidalio restaurant

So, we had to change our plan and decided to eating out.

As usual, my husband searched online and found a restaurant that looked good.

And we went to a restaurant called Pidalio.

It’s close to the morning market we went to the day before, and we can walk there.

Looking back, I would say it was one of the best restaurants on this trip.

We shared a salad and tzatziki as starters here.

When we come to Greece, we often eat salads as a starter.

This time’s salad had a different cheese from usual one, apples and grissini, and it was great.

the salad at Pidalio, a restaurant in Nafplio, Greece
the salad we had for the starter

I chose stuffed calamari for my main.

What was packed was quinoa, raisins, and vegetables.

The sauce was like salad dressing so it had a light taste.

However, the size was huge.

It was delicious, so I ate it all.

My husband had the fried octopus with aubergine paste on the bottom.

He said that the sauce was so strong that it masked the taste of the octopus itself, but it was still delicious.

the octopus dish of Pidalio, a restaurant in Nafplio, Greece
fried octopus

My friend had some sort of risotto, but I cannot remember what kind.

For dessert, a sweet salami was served.

With a bottle of wine, the bill was reasonable €75  for 3 people.

We had said we would come again during our stay, but in the end we didn’t have the chance.

By the way, while we were eating, the not-so-cute baby at the table next to us kept showing interest in us.

The father was also very active here, taking full care of his child, just like the one in the train to Meteora.

There seem to be many Greek fathers who are good at caring for their children, and I have a good impression of them.