Pub which loves Royal Family

Pub which loves Royal Family

[ Apr.2015 ] Our friends who took us to the antique market in London introduced an unusual interesting pub, too.

All the walls and even ceilings were full of items related to the Royal Family.

Its name is of course “Windsor Castle”.

According to my friend, this pub is listed in an American guide book, so there are always some American tourists.

When we were looking around the pub, a friendly looking man who must be a regular called over and said “I hope you are not just looking, but stay and drink”.

So it is very British environment, but they served Thai foods.

It is quite common that the foods in pubs are Thai, but it was the first time for me to try.

Apparently, the operations of the pub and the restaurant are separated.

Our friend said that a Thai foods chain is renting the pub.

I did not know the system.

The barmen seemed English, but the waiter for the foods was Asian.

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