The restaurant we booked beforehand (Krakow - Poland)

The restaurant we booked beforehand

[May, 2009] The first dinner we had in Krakow in Poland was at a restaurant where my friend had booked from abroad, because it has got a reputation as the most popular restaurants in the town.

The name is Wierzynek–I do not have a clue how to pronounce it.

According to their leaflet, Emperor Akihito came and ate here as well as Charles de Gaulle, George Bush, Sophie Marceau, Kate Moss, Robert De Niro and so on.

It is not only popular but the oldest one with its history since 1364.

As you can imagine the waiter was quite formal.

But because we asked a lot of questions to him, gradually he thawed out and helped me to choose dessert wine.

I want to add that the toilet there was gorgeous, too.

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