Riding a donkey

Riding a donkey

[ Aug.2013 ] The holiday in Greece this time was full of interesting events, but the best was this, riding a donkey.

After seeing the sunset from the Santorini sight seeing boat, naturally it got dark.

The town on top of the cliff which looked like snow in the day light, now looked like the treasure of many gem stones.

It was already very dark when we arrived at the port, so I thought that maybe the donkeys that were supposed to take us up to the town had already finished working, but there they were, waiting for us in a queue.
They called them donkeys, but in fact I think they were mules because their faces were like horses and they were quite big.
One ride was €5, which was very reasonable as a price of expensive Santorini.
The staff helped me to climb up the donkey, but after that no one controlled the donkey.
There seemed a game among the donkeys.

My donkey tried to overtake others, going through any gaps.

Other donkeys tried to prevent him, positioning their bodies diagonally.

But my donkey had the best skill and in the end, he became a front runner.
After becoming the front, he stopped now and then to have a rest.

I who rode him did not have any right to control.

This slope was very very long to go down, and of course it was very long to go up, too.

Gradually the night sea with a few lights of the boats became further and further.

Finally we arrived at the top.

The donkey knows where to stop.

The staff helped me to climbed down from him.

It was really an interesting experience, though after that I smelled like a donkey…