The hotel with homely atmosphere

The hotel with homely atmosphere

[ Aug.

2013 ] In Naxos, we stayed in a hotel called Grotta, which is situated on a hill, a little far from the centre of the town.

It had very homely atmosphere.

They served home made wine which ” our father made”.

The breakfast was substantial with many Quiches and pies which ” our mother made”.

It was difficult to choose which one to eat every morning.

This hotel was recommended in my guidebook which I bought in England, but many of the guests were French and the staff spoke French, too.

At the end, when we were leaving, the woman in the hotel said ” I am very happy that you are Japanese.

I once ate Okonomiyaki and it was very delicious! ” Well, it is nice to be liked even if the reason is Okonomiyaki…

Okonomiyaki is a bit similar to Quiche, isn't it.