Islamic rugs in a church (Brasov - Romania)

Islamic rugs in a church

[ Apr.2014 ] One of the main tourist attractions in Brasov in Romania is this Lutheran church called “Black Church”.

The building work started at the end of 14th century and it took nearly 100 years.

In 1689, they had a disastrous fire and the wall became black, hence this name.

They took another 100 years to restore it.

Even now German Lutherans are using it.

It was really a shame that the photography was forbidden inside.

Because it was very unusual.

Inside the Christian church, there were many many Islamic prayer rugs hung all over the place.

When we were there, we could not find why, and we were just puzzled, but afterwards in Sibiu, a scholar told us that Lutheran churchs which dislikes idolatry used these rugs to brighten up the inside the church which was otherwise bare, not knowing that these rugs were prayer rugs for Muslims.

These rugs were donated by German merchants in 17-18 centuries.

Now it is the biggest collection in the country.

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