Small version of a castle

Small version of a castle

[ Apr.

2014 ] Our Romanian holiday was organised by our local friends there, from the itinerary to the selection of hotels and restaurants.

They planned everything according to our wish, which is that we wanted to thoroughly enjoy Transilvania.

The first destination was Sinaia.

This photo was taken in our hotel called Vila Camelia.

This was built in 1884 and run by a family.

It looked like a small version of the castle we saw soon after.

Especially the area of the staircase was gorgeous.

The high ceiling and the wooden walls were very nice.

Not only this hotel, but most of the buildings around here were all like a small castle which we imagine in some fairy tales.

For breakfast, we enjoyed vegetable paste and cod roe paste ( it could be a different fish) from the buffet table and on top of that, they served omlette and pancake.