Sushi go-around

Sushi go-around

[ Aug.2014 ] On the day we went to Asakusa in Tokyo, the last thing we enjoyed was Sushi Go-Around.

It is the famous system that sushi dishes are on a conveyor belt and customers pick them up as they like.

But nowadays, instead of picking up the prepared dishes, people order what they want to the chefs inside the counter.

So it does not make very much difference from the Sushi restaurant without conveyer belt.

But still, each dish has got a fixed price depending on the colour of the dish, and in the end they will calculate the price by a special machine scanning the accumulated dishes, which are characteristic for Sushi Go-Around.

The restaurant we went this time was called “Maguro-bito”.

This one was once very famous and a lot of people used to make a queue in one corner of Asakusa.

But now that particular restaurant was closed down and the one we went was a bit far from there in a shopping mall and we could get a table without waiting.

Is it a tide, I wonder.

I looked up the internet and found that “Maguro-bito” has got a lot of branches all over Japan and they often open new shops and close old ones.

Well, we enjoyed eating a lot of the tasty sushi and got very satisfied, so it does not matter if they were popular or not.