Cold water

Cold water

[ July, 2013 ] They said that our hotel had a special beach for the guests, so we went there.

It was not really a beach, but a structure on top of the rocky waterfront where people can have a sun bathing.

Anyway, people can relax there.

There was a staircase to get into the sea, so I went down there and put my foot into the Black Sea.

It was shockingly cold! Slowly I went into the water up to my knees and came out having got satisfied.

The Russians were saying it was cold, but nonetheless, they jumped in the sea one after another.

Apparently, the temperature this year was lower than usual.

The top temperature was around 30 degree when we were there.

According to Svetlana, our guide, the land subsided in ancient time and made a huge clear water lake first, and then, because of an earthquake, the sea water from Mediterranean came in, which made Black Sea.

The depth is about 2 km and there is almost no tide.

Also, apart from the coasts, there are no islands, either.