There are many slopes here too

There are many slopes here too

[Sept. 2023] The first thing you notice when you go to Glasgow, Scotland is that there are many slopes.

a view of Glasgow, the city with slopes and dark buildings
you must go up and down in Glasgow

Our hotel faces a flat street, but all the roads that come out at right angles from there are slopes, typical of a town where houses are built on the side of a hill.

There are some parts of the slope that are quite steep, making it very difficult to walk even without luggage.

Although the town had a completely different impression, it was similar to Edinburgh in that it had many slopes.

The dark colours of the old buildings are typical of Scotland, but the area around the hotel is a mix of old and new buildings, and the scenery was not very beautiful.

the entrance of Mini Grill, a restaurant in Glasgow
Mini Grill with the Highland Cow trademark

Maybe it was because of the overcast sky.

Well, the first thing we did in this town was to eat.

It was just after 4pm, which was too late for lunch but too early for dinner, but one of the great things about Britain is that you can still get a decent meal at such a strange hour.

In continental Europe, it would be impossible.

My husband found a Scottish steakhouse called Mini Grill online.

This is a neat restaurant with the Highland Cow as its trademark.

haggis plate at Mini Grill, a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland
Haggis Trio

Maybe they are serving Highland Cow meat?

For starter, my husband and I shared a dish called Haggis Trio, which is a dish consisting of three pieces of Scotland’s famous haggis.

Each one was elaborate, with one wrapped in bread crumbs and another one shaped like spring rolls.

For mains, we had Bavette beef and Venison Saddle, and my husband and I ate half each.

When I searched for this Bavette, it was skirt steak.

the main dishes at Mini Grill, a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland
beef was not tasty, but the venison was excellent

The menu said it was tender and flavourful, but it was neither of those things, and it lacked flavour without the sauce.

We chose chimichurri for the sauce, but it seemed like it had coriander in it, which I didn’t like.

My husband seemed to enjoy it though.

The venison was really tender and delicious.

This plate also had haggis on it.

For dessert, a panna cotta called The Mini Bee Garden.

the dessert at Mini Grill, a restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland
lovely panna cotta with honey

The panna cotta had a honeycomb-like pattern on it, and there were chunks of Manuka honey lying around, which was both visually pleasing and delicious.

Including a bottle of Pinot Noir, the bill was not cheap at £107.75, but the people working there were very nice and I was left with a good impression.

As I said, it was a strange time, but customers were coming in one after another.