The town of Stonehaven and the unfortunate journey back

The town of Stonehaven and the unfortunate journey back
looking back at Dunnottar Castle
Dunnottar Castle seen from the walking path

[June 2021] We walked along the coastline from Dunnottar Castle, a scenic spot in southern Aberdeenshire, Scotland, to the town of Stonehaven.

There were quite a few ups and downs, but the view was great and it was a good walk.

I also took pictures of Dunnottar Castle again, looking back many times.

the war memorial near Dunnottar Castle
the war memorial on the hill

On the way, there was something like an archaeological site on the hill.

This is a monument to commemorate the victims of the two World Wars, and it is said that it was intentionally made like a ruin.

If we climbed that far, the scenery would have been even better, but we weren’t so energetic so we went on without climbing.

Perhaps we walked for 30-40 minutes, we could see the harbour below through the gaps between the leaves.

This was Stonehaven.

the town view of Stonehaven
the view of Stonehaven

Not only the view of the harbour, but also the town view of many houses inland was nice to see.

When we got down to the harbour, it was crowded with many people.

It’s a sunny weekend, so all the people in the town were out.

We quickly found the pubs and the ice cream shop recommended by the taxi driver earlier, but people were queuing.

The fence of the harbour was filled with people without any gaps.

fishing boats at the port of Stonehaven
the boats were tied at the port

So we gave up having a rest here and went through a narrow alley to the bay on the other side.

Then, this side was quiet because there were no shops at all.

Seagulls were occupying the sea.

After sitting on the bench and resting, because we were thirsty, we went inland looking for a cafe or a pub.

We went into a pub in Market Square, which seemed to be the centre of the town, but we were refused because it was full of reservations.

the platform of Stonehaven station
getting on the train as planned at Stonehaven

We decided to give up and head to the station.

On the way, we came across the Belvedere Hotel and the pub there was not full, so we took a break with a glass of beer.

It goes without saying that the beer tasted so good after a long walk.

We got a little rejuvenated and boarded the train departing at 18:36 as planned.

I must have been really tired and immediately slept .

platform of Dundee station
waiting for the next train at Dundee station

However, the train got stuck at Dundee’s station, which is just half way between Edinburgh and Stonehaven.

Apparently the driver who was in charge of the rest of the journey did not turn up because of an accident that occurred earlier on that day.

After waiting for a while, there was an announcement that this train would be cancelled after all.

We had no choice but to wait for the next train on Dundee’s platform.

Edinburgh station at 10 pm
still bright enough at 10 pm in Edinburgh

Finally, the train departing at 20:29 arrived and we got on, but it was delayed by another 10 minutes because the driver was late.

It was quite crowded because the passengers for two trains got on one.

Eventually, we arrived in Edinburgh an hour later than originally planned.

It was late but a relief to see that it was still bright at this time of the year here.