To See the Sea

To See the Sea

[ June, 2015 ] The weekend forecast was sunny, so we went all the way to Hastings, in the south of England, to see the sea.

This was my second visit here.

The first time was decades ago, soon after I started living in England.

I came here with a friend who had visited from Japan.

This time, I was surprised to see both the new town and the old town were bustling.

Last time, too, it was summer, but probably that was the time when most of the English seaside resorts were out of fashion and in a miserable state, so I had an image that Hastings was a quiet town.

Hastings is famous for the Norman Conquest in 1066, which we learned in the history class.

Because of the Battle of Hastings, the Normans conquered England.

Our main purpose was visiting the beach, so we went there first.

However, the wind was too strong to stay there comfortably.

For English people, it was a rare occasion to have sun on the beach, so some of them were sunbathing in their swim suites.

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