Zoo of Children

Zoo of Children

[ June, 2015 ] I went to Idroscalo Park, near Linate airport in Milan, Italy, just for company.

The main attraction of this park is a large, man-made lake.

This is a place for people in Milan, where there is no sea, for people to enjoy swimming, sailing or for the people with children to let them play.

There was a children’s playground, which was separated from the open space.

To enter here, people have to pay 5 euros per child.

Adults were free.

As soon as we entered here, the noise of children was overwhelming.

It was like a zoo.

This artificial lake was originally made as an airport for seaplanes.

It was opened in 1930, but the seaplanes became unpopular, so it became a public park.

I wish I could fly on a seaplane…