Went to Yobuko to eat squid

Went to Yobuko to eat squid

[ Jan.2014 ] We went to Yobuko in Saga prefecture in Japan with my family to eat squid.

We crossed a long corridor from the shore to the restaurant called “Manbou”.

They ushered us to the underground, no, the underwater room.

From the window of one side, you can see the sea water, and from the other side, inside of their fishpond.

When we were looking at the menu, the room swayed suddenly.

Everyone jumped a bit, but there was an announcement soon, saying ” A large boat just passed by.

It will calm down soon”.

That was interesting, though I thought it would be a problem if this happened a lot.

But after that, the room was stable as on the ground.

The squid they served were alive.

The tentacles were still moving slightly.

The sashimi was transparant and the rest of the body was grilled with salt later.

Eating this kind of feast, I feel bliss, thinking it is possible only in Japan