What we learned

What we learned

[ Sept.2014 ] I continue about the Ainu Museum in Shiraoi in Hokkaido, Japan.

In the museum site, there were some re-created traditional houses.

In one of them, we could try wearing their costume, which was a great fun.

I love this kind of services.

In another house, there was a woman who explained how to make a cosutume by weaving grass or bark.

She seemed to be leaned in ethnology.

Apparently, their language does not have characters.

According to her, characters were created so that people can spread their culture to other people, but Ainu people did not seem to think it was necessary.

So the language was passed only by mouth and at the moment only about 15 people can speak it fluently.

Also, it was interesting to hear that the original Ainu people had a chiseled face with the high bridged nose.

But now, after being mixed with other Japanese, their faces are ordinary.

We visited exhibition and then went to the small restaurant to eat Ainu people’s foods.

We eat Niseu-Udon (acorn noodle) and drank the local beer.

I remember the shiitake mushroom in the soup was very tasty.