[ May, 2014 ] The ‘clothes’ on the photo look quite real, but you cannot wear them.

Volterra in Tuscaly in Italy has been famous as a source of Alabaster since ancient Etruscan time.

Alabaster is the stone for sculptures and handiworks.

These shirts and jumpers are made of it.

This shop where we just happened to come across was called Rossi and it has the history since 1912.

The man there told us that he used to go to Japan for exhibition and sales in Takashimaya and others, and his productions were sold in Harrods in London, too.

“But recenly we are not selling very well, because the Chinese imitations are strong in the market” he lamented.

He showed us the real Alabaster and the imitation, and the difference was clear in colour and luster.

We understood that and sympathised him, but the unwearable shirts were no use for us, so we bought a small case for small articles.