Disappointing Mandraki Beach

Disappointing Mandraki Beach

[Aug. 2023] During our day trip to Hydra Island in Greece, after horseback riding, we went swimming in the sea.

sea view seen from the water taxi towards Mandraki Beach on Hydra island, Greece
nice ride of the water taxi to Mandraki Beach

My husband did quick research online and chose a beach called Mandraki.

I think he chose it because he read that it’s the only sandy beach on the island.

The only way to get there is by water taxi (or so I thought at the time, but apparently you can also walk there).

We asked the taxi driver who was docked at the port, and he told us 25 euros one way, which is not cheap at all, but we didn’t have time to hesitate, so we took the taxi.

It was expensive, and the boatman was not particularly friendly, so I was not happy about it.

The journey was probably for about 10 minutes.

It felt great to race through the sea while looking at the rocky outcrops of the wild island.

When we arrived at Mandraki, it turned out to be a resort for yachtsmen that was completely different from what we expected.

Yachts are anchored offshore.

There was a posh looking cafe on the shore and there were several groups of youngish people who looked rich.

Yachts are anchored offshore on Mandraki Beach on Hydra island, Greece
completely different from our expectation

In a fairly remote part of the bay, we could see something that looked like a normal beach hut in the distance, but we didn’t have enough time to go there.

Ah, what a shame.

But since we came here, we drank a mojito here and took a dip in the sea.

By the way, a glass of mojito here costs as much as €12.

Well, it’s better than the €17 Spritz we had in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

The sea I entered was crystal clear and extremely beautiful.

However, the water was a bit cold and my husband only had his feet in the water.

the clean water of Mandraki Beach on Hydra island in Greece
water and pebbles on Mandraki Beach

Although the internet said it was a sandy beach, there were quite a lot of pebbles.

We managed to enjoy ourselves in this uncomfortable environment for an hour until the taxi to pick us up, and then we changed clothes in the facility’s bathroom and headed back.

There was CCTV in the toilet.

I waved my hand to it.

At the port of Hydra, we met up with our friend who was wandering around alone.

She said she enjoyed climbing very high up the hill and looking into museums.

I didn’t get car sick on the way back and made it to Nafplio safely.