Walk in the forest (Bariloche - Argentina)

Walk in the forest

[ Jan.2016 ] Gabriela, the local guide in Bariloche in Argentina took us to a walking trail in a forest.

This trail was called Arrayan’s Walking Trail whose length was 2.85 km.

Here she showed herself at her best.

She seemed very happy explaining about flora and fauna of this forest in detail.

This forest was badly damaged at the time of the eruption of the volcano in 2011, but now coming back to life.

The rule here is that people do not do anything to the died plants and let the nature take care of them.

The llao llao which was the name of the hotel nearby is a kind of fruit in orange colour and it tastes sweet.

She said ” My children often pick them up and eat them”.

I thought she was some sort of professional nature enthusiast, but in fact she used to be an air hostess of British Airways.

The water of the lake which was hidden in the forest was so clean.

We had lunch in a new canteen near the lake.

I had a sandwitch called “Milanesa” which had a stuff remotely similar to Cotoletta alla Milanese in the bread and the black beer.

The large beer bottle was served in a cooler like a wine bottle.

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