Being interviewed at the port

Being interviewed at the port

[ Dec.2015 ] When we were at the port in Valparaiso in Chile, some university students came up to us and asked if they could interview us.

It seemed that they were learning journalism and it was their project.

I was asked about Japanese traditional dance.

I do not know very much about it, so I talked about Japanese folk dance.

They did not take notes, but the photographer boy was taking photos of us.

Around here at the port, there seemed some tourist sightseeing boat services, but at that time it was so quiet and hardly anyone was there.

According to our tour leader, the high season in Chile is January and February and it was a bit too early.

When you go inland from the port, there is a square called Plaza Sotomayor.

In front you will see a grand building which is apparently the admiralty.

We saw some sailors around here.

The more interesting thing was the dustcart working in the square, though.

The vehicle was so pretty.

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