To San Cristobal Hill

To San Cristobal Hill

[ Dec.2015 ] We arrived in Santiago, the capital city of Chile.

Straight away we went out sightseeing.

This time we were in a tour (only 4 people, though), so we did not have any time to rest.

The first place where our tour leader took us was San Cristobal Hill.

He chose here maybe because we could see whole the city from here.

This photo shows the view on the left hand side from the hill where there are many modern tall buildings.

The highest building called Grand Torre was visible.

Beyond that, the mountain you can see in the hazy air is El Plomo whose height is about 5400 metres.

On the right hand side, the houses were lower.

Probably they were people’s residential houses.

On top of the hill, there was a statue of Virgin Mary, which reminded me of the statue of the goddess in Da Nang in Vietnam.

It was inaugurated in 1908 and its height is 22 metres.

This statue is the symbol of Santiago.

People come up to this hill by an old funicular railway built in 1925.

It was a very hot Sunday but many people were here for the picnic.

Apparently many cities in South America close some of the main roads in weekends for people to enjoy cycling or skating.

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