Church of Santa Margherita

Church of Santa Margherita

[ June, 2014 ] The churhc of Santa Margherita is situated the highest area in Cortona in Tuscaly, Italy.

We went up and up to see this church.

I was surprised to see that this church looked new.

Apparently the original was built in the 14th century after Santa Marcherita died, but since then they have renovated it again and again and the one we saw was the one of 19th century.

The name Margherita naturally reminded me of a pizza, but this is a real person who lived in the 13th century.

She was bullied by her step mother and ran away with her boyfriend.

She was given a house but he did not marry her.

One day she saw him murdered in a forest and that triggered her to become a pious Christian  and she devoted rest of her life for poor persecuted people.

At the altar of the church, there was a mummy of her.