Concert at Frauenkirche

Concert at Frauenkirche

[ Sept.2015 ] We stayed in Dresden in Germany for a week.

On the last night, we went to a concert in Frauenkirche.

We thought we bought good seats, the front row of the first floor, but when we got there we found that they were a sort of box seats and we looked down on the stage through a window, which is the special feature of the interior of this church.

The music we listened to was very German, pieces by Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven played by a 24-member orchestra.

In the intervals, a woman read some essays, but I could not understand at all.

Nevertheless, I had a very rich enjoyable time.

On this holiday, I rediscovered the wealth of classic paintings and classic music and I decided to keep going to concerts and art galleries at home, too.

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