Could Not Visit Semper Oper

Could Not Visit Semper Oper

[ Sept. 2015 ]  The first time I heard about Dresden in Germany was in the phrase, “Dresden National Opera House” on TV and on the radio when I was a child.

I looked it up on the internet and found that the current Saxon State Semper Oper used to be national during the time of East Germany.

I really wanted to visit there, but the week we were there, it was closed.

It was only on the last day of our holiday that they opened it, so we went there early in the morning, but the opening time was 11am.

Already many people were hanging around the entrance, so we gave up.

Semper is the name of the architect of this opera house.

Apparently, the acoustics are even better than those in the Scala in Milan.

It was completely destroyed by the air strikes in 1945, but they rebuilt it exactly like before the war and it took 40 years.

There was a stall selling stones outside.

The vendor told me that the pillars in the opera house are made of marble, but the railings are made of local green stone.

I bought a piece of the local stone.

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