Slow Journey by Locomotive Train and Carriage

Slow Journey by Locomotive Train and Carriage

[ Sept.2015 ] From the station, called Radebeul Ost, in the suburbs of Dresden, you can take a narrow gauge steam locomotive railway.

It started operating in 1884 and now the locomotive engine made in the 1950s is running there.

The train went slowly, at about 30kmh in the peaceful countryside.

It must have been an essential line for citizens in the past, but now it is mainly for tourists.

Most of the passengers were elderly people.

When we arrived at our destination, Moritzburg station, we took a carriage.

We had a ride with a family with a young girl.

Again, it was a slow journey.

We approached the castle without any hurry.

It was a wonderful experience to have this slow movement away from our busy everyday life.

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