“Trendsetter Since 1471”

“Trendsetter Since 1471”

[ Aug.2015 ] The Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen in Germany is apparently the oldest castle in the country.

“Trendsetter since 1471” is the title of the leaflet I got there.

They started building this castle that year and completed it in 1520, using the newest technology and design of the time in those days.

Its trendsetting role was not only for its architecture, but also it housed the first porcelain manufacturer in Europe when they discovered how to make a porcelain in 1710.

We walked through room after room listening to the audio guide, but to be honest, the information was too much for me to grasp it all.

On top of the audio guide, they provided some modern equipment in every room so that people could learn about this castle thoroughly.

I could feel the seriousness of German people.

This castle and the cathedral are on top of the hill and we had to walk up the slope and stairs.

There is a lift to go up there, but at first we could not find it.

We used it only on the way back down.

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