Crab sake

Crab sake

[ Aug.2014 ] This is a photo of the crab sake.

This was the first time I had it in my life.

It was a very good Japanese sake with the subtle flavour of the crab and also, when I scooped the crab meat and ate with the sake, it was very tasty.

I had this in a restaurant called “Koura Head Store” where my family took us.

It says “head store”, but all of the 45 restaurants of this chain are called head store.

I had thought that we could eat crab dishes only in some Ryokans (Japanese inn) or in some long standing expensive restaurants, but this restaurant was situated at the roadside like a family restaurant and easy to get in.

But the atmosphere inside was not cheap and we could get a private room which was relaxing.

I felt the change of the Japanese restaurant scene.

Unlike the time when I was living in Japan, it seems that now many restaurants are built along the big road more like in an American way.

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