The Bigger the Better?

The Bigger the Better?

[ May, 2015 ] I had seen the statue of Buddha in Ushiku in Ibaraki, Japan, many times from afar, but this time we went to visit there.

It was just about closing, so we literally ran to get inside the Buddha.

This statue is 120 metres high and the weight is 4,000 tons, according to the leaflet we received.

The face of the Buddha statue, shown in this photo, in 20 metres long.

To show how big it is, the leaflet shows the size of the Statue of Liberty in the US, which is only one third of the size of this Buddha.

Inside Buddha, at first we experienced cosmic space.

This area is called “Infinite Light and Infinite Life”.

We went up to the point of 85 metres high and looked out from a tall thin window.

There were three windows, and apparently the views we see from any of these windows are the same.

There was a floor for the repository, which was decorated in a gold colour.

Outside of the Buddha, there was a flower garden.

Visitors could pick 10 flowers if you pay 100 yen (about 52p or 0.74 euro), but we were too late for that, unfortunately.