The bus driver

The bus driver

[July 2012] Arriving in Denmark from England by boat, first problem was to find an ATM to get Danish Krona.

We could have exchanged money in the ship, but we thought the rate would be not good and we were sure there would be one ATM at the international port.

But, no, there wasn’t.

We asked the bus driver, which goes to the railway station, if it is ok to pay by Stirling.

He seemed to think one second, and then said ‘OK. I will go to London next week to see Olympic’.

Lucky!  But there was no ATMs at the station, either and in the end we had to go to the town centre to a bank…

By the way, when we arrived in Denmark, there was a passport control place, but nobody was there.

After a while, a staff from the boat company came and open the door saying ‘you can come in’.

So I entered Denmark without passport check.

Because UK is out of The Schengen Agreement, even to enter EU countries from the UK, they usually check our passports.

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