Ferris wheel (Brighton - England)

Ferris wheel

[ May2016 ] When we were walking in Brighton, the seaside town in England, a middle aged man started talking to us. He said “Turn that corner and you will see the Ferris wheel. I took a very good photo of it” and showd us his camera screen. Because we had our cameras hanging in front of us, he thought we were the same kind. He told us that this Ferris wheel would be demolished next day. To be honest, his photo was not so impressive, but we were interested in the wheel and decided to have a ride. The diametre is 45m and the height from the sealevel is max.50m. The view was very nice. We could see not only the town and the beach, but also the White Cliffs of Dover distantly. The sign said we can go round three times, but in fact, we went four times and there was a audio guide while we were riding it.

Apparently this wheel was built in Oct.2011. They had difficulties getting the building permission and in the end they got the permission for a limited time only until May 2016. The wheel itself was made in Germany and first it went to South Africa as a part of the attractions of the World Cup there in 2010 before coming here.

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