from St Ives to Dartmoor

from St Ives to Dartmoor

[ Aug.2019 ] The morning view in St Ives in Cornwall, south west England was very beautiful, too.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-low tide-lighthouse-sea
low tide in the morning

The place where there had been many boats in the sea on the day before was land because the tide was on the ebb and some people were walking their dogs there.

The sky was grey but at one point far away on the sea, we could see the sun beams, which was fantastic.

Admiring the scenery, we looked for a cafe where we could have our breakfast.

We found one called Scoff Troff Cafe a little away from the sea and we had toasted croissant and cappuccino.

The croissant was rather small, but nice and crispy.

More and more people came in after us, and the waiter was smiling to everyone.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-barbershop-interior
the barbershop in St Ives

It seemd that his real face was the smiling one.

We checked out our accommodation at 10 am and headed for the station to take 11:30 train.

What we found on the way was a barbershop.

So my husbad had his hair cut here, too.

This barber was not very decisive regarding his way of cutting hair, according to my husband, but it cost only £12.5 (€14.5, $16.0), which was very cheap.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-sea-beach-tree
it looked even tropical when the sun was shining

After his haircut, we went up the hill where the station was and by the time we were up there, the sun was fully out and the view was fabulous.

St Ives was really nice, much better that we expected.

We left there reluctantly.

One thing I have nearly forgotten is about seagulls.

Because St Ives was on the sea, there were many seagulls.

England-Cornwall-St Ives-seagull-sky
a seagull in St Ives

The origin of the famous film “Birds” produced by Alfred Hitchcock is the novel by Daphne du Maurier.

Du Maurier was born in London, but spent a lot of times in Cornwall where St Ives is.

So probably those seagulls flying freely over the town gave her the inspiration.

I am frightened of birds generally and she could have been the same.

Now, our destination on the day was Moretonhampstead, a small town in Dartmoor National Park in Devon.

We stayed one night at The White Hart Hotel situated in the centre of the town.

England-Devon-Moretonhampstead-The White Hart Hotel-bedroom
our bedroom in the hotel

It was a very British hotel with the restaurant downstairs and there was one funny thing regarding the breakfast.

They served very British breakfast called “Breakfast of Devon” which included fried egg, pieces of bacon and so on.

But if you did not want this one, you could choose “Variety of Pastry”.

Because we do not have big breakfast usually, we chose this Variety of Pastry.

When we told that to the waitress, she said that we should go and get them from the table.

So we went there to the table, but there were only plain croissants on the table.

My husband, who is fussy about bread and pastries, stood up and went all the way to the other waiter and asked him “This menu called ‘variety of pastry’ means this plain croissant only?”

The waiter looked a bit embarrassed and said “yes” in the soft voice.

So we just laugh and ate this croissant.

At least it was high-quality tasty croissant.

Later, the receptionist explained us “Most of our guests choose “Breakfast of Devon”, so we stopped having many kinds of pastries”.