Ruin of a castle (Isle of Man - England)

Ruin of a castle

[ May, 2014 ] There is a fine ruin of a castle in Peel in Isle of Man.

Inside the site, there were a few ruins of buildings scattered in the beautiful green, which reminded me of  “All that remains, Of warriors’ dreams”, the famous phrase of a Japanese poem.

Origin of this castle was a fort of the Norwegian viking King Magnus built in 1098.

After that, in the 13th century it became under Scotland, then in 14th century under England.

There is a ruin of St.German cathedral inside the site, too.

This was started being built in the 12th century and the crypt was used as a prison.

The booklet called “A History of Peel” says “it was a miserable place even on the warmest days in summer, so a few days setence was enough to deter most people”.

By the way, they say that  this Peel Castle is sometimes mixted up with a small castle in Piel island, which is about 30 miles east from here.

I went to Piel island last year (this is it).

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