Steakhouse in Brighton (Brighton - England)

Steakhouse in Brighton

[ May 2016 ] On the day when we went to Brighton, a town south of England, we had lunch at a restaurant called The Coal Shed, which we had booked beforehand. I said lunch, but in fact the time we could book was 3:30om. It shows how popular they were. The speciality here is the beef from North Highland in Scotland. I forgot to take photos, but it was good. This photo is my Rhubarb dessert. Not only looking nice, but also it tasted good and refreshing. I thought it was a steak only restaurant, but in fact, they had some seafood menu, too. We are satisfied with our meal, but only one problem was that the tables were too close to each other. The perfume of the male couple who sat next to us was a bit annoying.

This restaurant is situated in the inland town of Brighton. The main attraction of Brighton is the beach, but the town itself was nice to walk around, too. Especially the area called The Lanes was nice with many antique jewellery shops. I could not buy any antique things, but we came across a nice ordinary jewellery shop and found a lovely big stone pendant. In Japan the tea ceremony schools teach “Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur” and that is my shopping motto, so I bought the pendant.

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