Sunset in Morecambe (Morecambe - England)

Sunset in Morecambe

[ May 2016 ] After we enjoyed thoroughly in Blackpool, norh England, we came back by bus to Morecambe where our frineds have the house. We decided to have dinner in a Chinese restaurant where we had been before, so we all went out. It was the most beautiul time in the evening when the sun was just setting. We enjoyed the short walk looking at the view. The weather around here is usually not so good and it is rare to see this beautiful colour.

There was a small incident in the restaurant. When we were eating and chatting, one of our friends suddenly talked to the waiter serving next table quite loudly, “they want the tap water”. Apparently, the waiter brought them a bottle of mineral water and the customers were annoyd saying ‘not that one…”. They seemed too embarrassed to say they wanted tap water. Our friend told us later that he helped the waiter who seemed in trouble. I did not know that ordering tap water was emparrassing…

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