Park and mosaic

Park and mosaic

[ Mar.2015 ] There is a huge park in St Albans, a town which is north of London.

It is called Verulamium Park and has got 100 acres.

Verulamium is the old name of this town, which was used in Roman period.

The lake and the river are the water birds‘ home.

It is the citizens’ oasis and on this sunny Saturday, many families and couples were enjoying themselves.

We learned that there is a Roman mosaic in this park so we went there.

It is the floor of a large town house built around 200AD.

We saw the mosaic of the geometry patterns and the hypocaust system.

The mosaic was not as gorgeous as the ones we saw recently in Ravenna, Italy, but we could see that they used the natural colours of the stones very effectively to make up some complicate patterns.

And I was impressed that they had a floor heating system.

This was one of the first heating systems to be installed in Britain.

I would like one at home.