To Blackpool (Blackpool - England)

To Blackpool

[ May2016 ] On Saturday during our stay in our friends’ second house in north west England, we went to Blackpool ourselves by bus as our friends had some business to attend. They did not recommend Blackpool at all, saying it is too common, but in the end we had a great time there. The weather was wonderful on the day.

This town has been a seaside resort since 1840s when the railway reached there. Particularly for those workers in the industrial region in northern England, Blackpool was the place where they spent their summer holiday. But in the late 20th century, because the overseas holidays became cheaper, the same people who used to spent 2 weeks in Blackpool started to go to Costa del Sol in Spain instead, so this town started declining. Still, this is the most popular resort in England even now, as the recent opinion poll shows.

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