Visiting Globe Theatre (London - England)

Visiting Globe Theatre

[ Dec.2013 ] We visited #Globe #Theatre in #London.

The original theatre was built in 1599 for Shakespeare and the current one was build in 1997 in the same way of the original.

The shape is round and like a stadium there is no ceiling in the centre where audience stands.

Altogether 1600 people can watch performances.

The plays are on only from April to October, but on the day when we were there, a gourp of students were performing for their exam and taking photos was forbidden unfortunately.

The guide who might be an actor himself gave us a lot of information.

For example, at the time of Shakespeare, the rich people had to be fat.

So rich men put some fillings around their bellies, women around their hips.

They could not sit on the ordinary seats, so sat in the box seats just next to the stage.

Because it was next to the stage, they could not see well.

But in those days the listening was apparently more important than seeing.

That is why there were many explanations of each situation in the lines.

By the way, the person who started the project of rebuilding the Globe Theare was an American Jewish actor, Sam Wanamaker.

Unfortunately he died before the theatre was completed.

The other day, I saw a programme which featured his family.

The reason why he moved to England, though he was making a figure in America, was to get away from Red Scare in the US.

Interesting stories are everywhere..

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