Paradise for gourmet

Paradise for gourmet

[ Dec.2013 ] We went to #Borough #Market in #London where all of the gourmets in London gather.

Our purpose was to buy rabbit meat which we cannot find in supermarkets.

Here they open everyday except Sunday, but for the individual shoppers it opens from Thursday to Saturday.

According to our friend, some stalls open only on Saturdays, so we went on Saturday.

Soooo many people were there.

There are stalls of fresh foods, dairy products, cooked foods which you can eat on the spot, and so on.

Apparently there are about 70 of them.

Not only British products, but also a lot of European continental things, too.

In fact the atmosphere was a bit continental.

This market has got a long history.

As old as in the 11th century farmers gathered at London Bridge to trade and in the 13th century they moved here and stayed.

A charity trust is running it and trustees are people living around here, an accountant, a university professor and so on.

This market has got the reputation for high quality foods, though they are not cheap.

We found the very good rabbit meat.

They were even selling dead rabbits, too…