Flow of people

Flow of people

[ Nov.

2013 ] When we visited #Martina #Franca in south Italy this time, there was a small market in Piazza 20 Settembre with Arco di Santo Stefano, just outside of the old town.

They were getting ready and not many people were around in the evening.

We heard someone saying ” I wonder how many people will come out tonight”, so we thought it might be a festival.

But when we asked the one at a stall, she said “No, nothing.

Just this market”.

Disappointed, we went through there and went to have dinner.

After dinner, however, I was very surprised to see so many people were all over the town, so much so that it was difficult to walk without bumping eath other.

Then I remeber.

It was like this last time we came here.

In one moment it was full of people, and next moment they all disappeared.

Amazingly people here go out and go back home according to the time dutifully.