we found another good restaurant on the last day in Alghero

we found another good restaurant on the last day in Alghero

[Sept. 2020] The final day of our two-week stay in Alghero, northwestern Sardinia, Italy has finally arrived.

My husband went to the local post office for business this morning and found that he could have booked the time online for the procedure at the post office.

the window of our local bakery

It seemed that only people without reservations was queuing in a row.

It’s a small local city, but it’s advanced.

Another thing we learned from my husband’s morning walk was that the restaurant at the familiar market was closed on Mondays.

This was a shame, because we were thinking of going there again on the day for the last time.

So instead of seafood in the market for lunch, we  bought some things at a bakery in our neighborhood that we visited many times, and booked a restaurant called Aragon for dinner.

We have never been to this restaurant before, but we chose it because online reviews were good.

the beautiful sunset view in Alghero for the last time

After finishing work, we went to the old town a little early.

I was deeply moved to see this beautiful sunset, thinking that this was the last time.

We bought souvenirs for people and I bought a coral pendant for myself.

The coral shop was the same one we went to two years ago, and the worst salesman but the good craftsman was still serving customers.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-coral shop
the coral shop

Still, there were quite a few people coming in, so maybe this characteristic was popular.

We went to the restaurant at 7:30 pm.

The tables of Aragon restaurant were spread on the pavement.

The attitude of the waitresses and their boss was rather vulgar, so my first impression was not so good, but it turned around later.

That was because when the restaurant became crowded, they worked hard showing their professionalism and also the foods were very good.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-restaurant-Aragon-Misto Mare
Misto Mare for the starter

For the starter, we shared a menu called Misto Mare.

They served about 6 small bowls, each containing different elaborate dishes such as squid and octopus.

My main was Tonno in Crosta.

This was tuna fried with a batter made of Carasau, and although the outside was cooked well, the inside was close to raw like Tataki.

They were quite chunky.

I ate it with bearnaise sauce and it was absolutely delicious.

My husband chose Popo Arrosto, a roasted octopus, which was arranged like a picture of Miro.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-restaurant-Aragon-Tonno in Crosta
very tasty Tonno in Crosta

Various sauces were served together.

For dessert, we shared Sfogliatina alle Mele.

It was a pie-type sweet, which was also very delicious.

The wine of the day was Velmentino’s sparkling wine.

Earlier, I mentioned that most Sardinian red wines are Cannonau, but white wines are exclusively Vermentino.

I don’t know if Vermentino has an element of longevity like Cannnonau, though.

This dinner was € 94.50, which was one of the most expensive ones during this holiday, but I was very satisfied.

Italy-Sardinia-Alghero-wine bar-L'Altra Vineria
the building of our wine bar

After the meal, we took a walk in the old town because it was the last time.

Then, we concluded the day at the wine bar L’Altra Vineria, the one we went on the first day.

The first day I could feel the bustle of summer, but on this day it was much quieter and that signaled the end of the season.

At the time of payment, the shop owner said, “Please be a resident of Alghero the next time you come.”