Tour to Saint-Emilion (Saint Emilion - France)

Tour to Saint-Emilion

[ May,2016 ] On the last day of our stay in Bordeaux in France, we joined a tour to Saint-Emilion. We got on a mini bus with other 6 people from various countries and the driver and guide, Marian. On the way, Marian explained many things about Bordeaux wine. Apparently there are more than 7000 chateaus in this region and within that about 800 are in Saint-Emilion area. Because parents devide the land to children, a chateau has become small. Recently there are many female owners. The wines in Medoc where we went the day before contain mainly Cabernet Sauvignon (strong and bitter), but the ones in  Saint-Emilion contain mainly Merlot (fruity and easy to drink), normally 80% is Merlot and the rest is two of the other varieties. I did not know that there are white wines in Bordeaux, too, until the day before. And according to Marian, the ratio is apparently roughly 80% is red and 20% is white in Bordeaux.

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